Dodgeball of Boston is creating dodgeball games and leagues for children because “kids love dodgeball”.

Children enjoy dodge ball because it is informal, fun, and free of the structure many other sports demand. Dodgeball is competitive and fast-paced. It helps children improve their gross motor skills and teaches them how to react quickly to constantly changing game situations. Dodgeball teaches children teamwork, the importance of keeping their eye on the ball at all times, throwing, catching, and aiming. It promotes agility and quick movements. Many of the skills used during dodgeball can be transferred to soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis and other sports.

At Dodgeball of Boston, we use a foam ball covered with vinyl. The ball is easy to throw and soft upon impact. Our rules do not allow striking another player above the shoulders. Any player that strikes an opposing play above the shoulders is called “out”. Any player who exhibits inappropriate aggressive behavior is removed from the game.


Dodgeball of Boston provides a structured setting and rules for physically
active and expressive children.

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