You have seen the movie. Now experience the thrill of indoor dodgeball
on a padded sprung floor. The pure joy of tagging a member of the opposing team with a well placed throw, or diving to evade a barrage of fast moving balls cannot be explained. But it can be experienced at
Dodgeball of Boston!

Where will the games take place?
The dodgeball games all take place in our air-conditioned arena on our specially designed floor wearing only socks. This floor allows for evading balls in a manner not possible on a hard surface. In addition, the arena is enclosed and smaller than the standard dodgeball court providing unequaled action. The majority of players will also be in the arena while the game is in progress adding to the level of

Dodgeball of Boston

How is the game played? We use six foam balls covered with vinyl which are soft upon impact but are easy to throw. Each team consists of six players. The object is to hit the opposing players with a "live ball" (direct throw) in order to get them 'out'. Catching a live ball causes the thrower to be 'out'. Striking a player above the shoulders is not permitted and will also cause the thrower to be 'out'. The first team to eliminate the opposing team's players wins.


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